Miscellaneous End

of Year 2011


Friday, 10-28-2011,

Halloween Costume Day


The only three who showed

up in costume at work this year!




Our HR Director wasn't coming to

work on the 28th; so on the 27th, he came

to our 7:30 meeting in his costume.  Here are

two pictures of him taken by Delia Gonzales.





Friday 12-02-2011, after work

dinner for three Birthdays at

The Red Lobster, Hollywood, FL




Open your eyes and look at the camera!


That's better!





Holiday Season 2011 at work


Our Christmas tree with a Menorah

and a Kwanza display.



 The following display at the entrance

of the lunch room was put together  by

Ramona, so I call it Ramonaville!




Wednesday 12-21-2011 the day of

our Company Christmas lunch.












































By the end of the year, there should be a few more!

Anyone with some to add, please contact me.


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